AB-Ex-300 1mg External Calibration balance

AB-Ex series electronic analytical balance is developed based on the electromagnetic balance sensor technology. It has the advantages of high precision, excellent environmental adaptability, as well as linear four-point calibration, counting a variety of unit conversion functions. It adopts large digital integrated circuit board but not the traditional classification components circuit board, which makes the balance have more stable performance and the faster reaction. At the same time it has stability and sensitivity adjustable function.

This series of electronic balance also comes with a standard RS232C data interface can be connected with microcomputer, printer and other equipment. It has been widely used in colleges and universities, biomedical, enterprises, chemical feed, quarantine detection and other fields.


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  1. Large LCD display with blue backlight (120×55mm).
  2. Using the sensor software technology of German STL Institute to support multi-point calibration, the instrument performance is more stable.
  3. Anti-static coated glass windshield can effectively shield the external static charge interference.
  4. Built-in RS232 standard interface can be connected to printers, computers and other equipment.
  5. Unit conversion: carat, ounces, grams.


  1. Electromagnetic force balance sensor.
  2. With external correction weight.
  3. Automatic calibration system.
  4. Full peeled weighing.
  5. Four-level shockproof count.

Technical Specifications

Calibration External
Weighing range 0-300g
Reading accuracy 1mg
Pan size Φ80mm
Net weight 7.5kg
Dimensions 350×215×340mm
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Working space height 240mm
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