AB-In-01-220 0.1mg Internal Calibration Analytical Balance

AB-In-01-220 0.1mg Internal Calibration Analytical Balance.


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  1. Large LCD display with backlight, easy and clear for operation.
  2. User-friendly design, neoteric structure, full-transparent glass windshield.
  3. Adopt a new generation of electromagnetic balance weighing sensor to ensure high precision.
  4. Full automatic fault detection, four-point linear calibration, overload protection and other applications.
  5. Large digital integrated circuit boards ensure high accuracy of this analytical balance.


  1. With functions of pieces weighing, unit conversion (metric carats, gold ounces, etc.), full range peeled (net) weighing, zero tracking, the operation is more simple and reliable.
  2. Internal automatic calibration.
  3. Built-in RS232C output interface can be directly connected to computers, printers and other external devices.

Technical Parameters

Calibration Internal
Weighing range 0-220g
Reading accuracy 0.1mg
Pan size Φ80mm
Net weight 8kg
Dimensions 350×215×340mm
Packing size 480×375×515mm
Working space height 240mm
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