ENVILIFE Constant-Temperature Incubator


Bakteri klasik, inkubator mikroorganisme

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Main technical parameters

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ENVILIFE Constant-Temperature Incubator

  Model CB-3600CTI CB-4000CTI CB-5000CTI CB-6000CTI
Cycle Mode Natural convection
Function Temp. Range RT ±5 - 70°C
Temp. Resolution Ratio 0.1°C
Temp. Motion ± 0.5°C
Temp. Uniformity ± 1.5°C
Structure Inner Chamber B: mirror stainless steel: without B: High strength galvanized sheet
Outer Shell Cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
Insulation Layer High quality foam board
Heater Mica electrothermal film
Power Rating 0.35kW 0.45kW 0.6kW 0.7kW
Exhaust Hole φ 28mm top with function of test hole
Controller Temp. Control Mode PID Intelligent
Temp. Setting Mode Touch button setting
Temp. Display Mode Measuring temperature; LED upper row; setting temperature; the lower row
Timer 0-9999min (with timing wait function)
Operation Function Fixed temperature operation, timing function, auto stop.
Additional Function Sensor deviation correction, temperature overshoot self-tuning, internal parameter locking, power-off parameter memory
Sensor PT100
Safety Device Over temperature sound light alarm
          Specification Inner Chamber Size(W*L*H)(mm) 350*350*350 400*350*450 500*450+550 600*580*600
Exterior Size (W*L*H)(mm) 525*480*620 575*480*720 675*580*820 775*710*870
Packing Size (W*L*H)(mm) 605*572*775 655*572*875 755*672*975 855*802*1025
Shelf Number 7 9 13 14
Load Per Pack 15kg
Shelf Space 35mm
Supply (50/60Hz) Current Rating AC220V/1.1A AC220V/1.1A AC220V/2.3A AC220V/2.7A
NW/GW (kg) 27/30 32/35 45/49 58/63
Accessory Shelf 2
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